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Please Help--Do I Buy This


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First post


I made an impulsive buy from Ebay. After thinking that I knew what I was doing now I have regrets. I havent paid for it yet and I can cancel the transaction.  The item was purchased from populardiamonds.com which is associated with JBE Diamonds out of New York.


I purchased the diamond for $4000. I am wondering, even if it is not exactly what I want, can I upgrade it to a retail vendor to get the diamond I really want.


My two biggest wants are color and clarity; next being carat.  I would like it to be close to 1.0 but not any lower than 0.96.  Eye clean is necssary since people don't carry around loupes with them.  Please advise because I need to make a decision on it, and if I purchase it I have 14 days to return it.


Thanks for any help


Certificate Number: EGL3406174732


Date: 19/06/2014


Grading Results Diamond Class: Natural Diamond Crystal Type: Type IaAB


Shape and Cut: Round Brilliant Carat


Weight: 1.13


Color Grade: D


Clarity Grade: VS2


Cut Grade: Excellent


Additional Grading Information


Measurements: 6.57 - 6.56 x 4.17 mm.


Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent


Graining: Nil

Fluorescence: None


Total Depth: 63.5 % Table Width: 61 %


Crown Height: 15 %


Pavillon Depth: 44 %

Girdle Thickness: Medium,


Faceted Comments - 8 HEARTS & 8 ARROWS - This Diamond was polished utilizing superior precision & craftmanship, its exquisite proportions generate the appearance of 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows, when viewed at the correct angle & under the proper lighting conditions. -IDEAL CUT inspired by Marcel Tolkowsky.


I tried to upload the cert but I wouldn't let me.  If someone could review the cert I would really appreciate it.



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I purchased the diamond for $4000. I am wondering, even if it is not exactly what I want, can I upgrade it to a retail vendor to get the diamond I really want.

In a word: no. If you take this diamond to another vendor in part exchange "tomorrow", don't expect to see more than 60-70% of what you paid, and that would be a hugely generous offer.


As to the diamond itself, it doesn't seem to be exceptionally well cut, and if you search the forum for "EGL" you'll see what the regular posters here advise regarding colour and clarity - which is basically to be very cautious.


To be honest, I don't understand the whole concept of this transaction: it appears to be not what you want, or at least you are not sure it is. There are thousands of nearly colourless, eye-clean rounds of about 1.10 carats available; why go with one that doesn't fit (by a bit or by a lot).

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Thanks for the replys.  The idea to trade up was something I though I could do. 


The purchase was really price modivated.  I had be looking online and at stores and was seeing prices from $8000-10000 (with setting) for what I liked.  As you both said, why go with something that doesn't fit.  I think I knew the answer but just needed someone with the knowledge to confirm what I thought. 


That being said do either of you have stones available that is what I am looking for.  0.97 - 1.15  carats, Near-colorless, eye-clean (but I don't want to go lower than a VS rating), around $5000....or am I just dreaming


Thanks again for your help

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I don’t sell diamonds.  Davide has a link to his site at the bottom of every one of his posts.  Click through and take a look at what they have... I would start with the ‘diamond finder’ utility at the top of the page.  That leads to advertisements for thousands of stones and yours is a fairly common spec. 


Over/under 1.00cts is a fairly big deal in this business. Searching 0.95-0.99/I/VS2/GIA yields 20 stones, all of which are under your budget.  Change that to 1.00-1.05/H/VS2/GIA and there are 1100 stones.  All but about 20 are OVER budget, most by quite a bit, and you can bet that those 20 are going to have some issues.


Don’t forget the setting, some labor and some taxes in your budgeting.  It’s easy to spend thousands here and it’s actually pretty hard to spend less than $500. 


Why is VS a ‘carved in stone’ threshold for you?


‘Near colorless’ is a tricky term that varies between people.  GIA puts a parenthetical not with that down to I.  Most people can’t see color face up in J’s.  Some people can see it in G’s.    The way to calibrate this is to go shopping and look at some real diamonds, not just websites. The difference in price will be considerable as you play with that range.


Ignore EGL.  In your case I would probably ignore AGS too.  Those cater to people where cutting is their hot button and they trade at a premium for that reason.

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