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A Good Purchase? H&a Cushion Cut .5 I-Vs2 Sig. Ideal


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Hello again!


After much, much research I made a purchase.  I really wanted to buy something from James Allen but they didn't have the Hearts and Arrows cushion cut I wanted...but I did find one on Blue Nile (they just started selling them).  Returns can always be made if need be (but I hope not!)


Carat: .51

Shape: Cushion

Cut: Sig. Ideal

Color: I

Clarity: VS2


Table: 56%

Depth: 68.2%

Girdle: thin to slightly thick

Culet: none

Polish: excellent

Symmetry: excellent

L/W ratio: 1.01


I'm quite pleased that it is a very square shape ratio.  It'll be set in a yellow gold setting btw.


The information above is from the GIA report.  I'm going to attach the GIA and GCAL reports.  The GCAL report has some nice images for thorough assessment.  Sorry the images came out so small for some odd reason.  Might be the forum itself changes the size.


I'd appreciate some opinions from you pros out there.  Did I make a pretty good purchase from what you can tell?  I'll have it in hand on Wednesday and that'll be the best way to tell.  :)



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Oh, I also forget to ask if anyone knows if Blue Nile does ASET reports like JA does for free?  If they do I should have asked but too late :P


I'm guessing no though because they get their stones from suppliers and usually don't have the stone in hand.  All in all I think I did well for a $1300 stone.


Do most jewelry stores carry the ASET device to take a look for perhaps a fee?

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One of the curious benefits of showing up with an ASET scope or an Idealscope in your pocket is that it immediately identifies you as a serious customer and Internet educated.  No one just happens to have one of these.  That's sort of a mixed issue but it'll immediately get you transferred to the sales person who can best answer this sort of question and it tends to immediately get you to the real prices without the need to navigate special sales and the like.  

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Thanks gents for the responses!


@Davide, she "my special lady" really is into more the shape cut of the stone (i.e. round verses square verses rectangle) and the sparkle/fire.  It almost seems like guys end up knowing more about diamonds and how they are cut from all the research we do than the ladies...minus the ones that are interested themselves, of course.  So she likes what is available on the rounds (for example the H & A) but preferred it on a square cut.  I was quite pleased to find out that H & A was available.


@Denver That is a pretty good point, I thought about that too.  Especially after the link to the PDF order form.  :)

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