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Should A Round Diamond Be Set In A Specific Way?


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I recently bought an engagement ring.  It is a round diamond in a solitare setting (4 prong) with smaller diamonds in the band.  It looks gorgeous and I am quite happy with it.  My question is..on closer inspection it looks like the prongs are approx 0.5 mm (or less) off from being centered on the bezel facets, so the stone looks like it is not perfectly symmetrical to the prongs.  Is this common or should I ask the jeweler to have the designer re-set the stone?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it's common to line things up with the bezel facets, and as Barry mentioned your jeweler can probably rotate it if you want.  It's also common to want to cover or avoid covering something.  That would be things like inclusions near the edge or a girdle inscription if they're present.  As with the above, just ask the jeweler if this applied in your case.  

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