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Ritani Customer Service = Poor


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I've never had this hard of a problem trying to spend 14K. I asked for an in store preview for a loose round diamond...they mailed to my Jewelry store and all went well, Diamond was ok but didn't blow my socks off. I asked if they could send another one so I could compare and they stated they could not. Then I get email saying they can only send another diamond if they own it. Needless to say, the diamond I had picked out was not owned by Ritani, and was sold the next day according to their website. So I bite the bullet and purchase a diamond from their website and I ask for some pictures...and they refuse to accommodate. I believe they only want to push diamonds that they personally own. At this point I refuse to do any business with them and I'm going to cancel my purchase.

Can someone please refer me to a diamond dealer that knows how to treat their customers, especially when they are ready to close a deal.

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Awful to hear that!!! There is a great jeweler I know, who has built their entire business around the fact that holding inventory is not in the best interest of their customers for precisely the reasons you described.


You might be able to find out more if you look in my signature ;) 


Where are you located? I'd love to see if there are any local options I can recommend you. 



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Dear OP,


Like I always say on here: Buy from Diamondsbylauren and ask for David, I would...They can be visited on the web at http://www.diamondsbylauren.com/ or by phone: Toll free: 1-877-952-8736
International: +1 212-382-3770
P.S. If you are looking for true one of a kind pieces, IMO the best pictorial renditions of the actual goods, above and beyond return/exchange and trade up policy, top notch customer service. Look no further then DBL!

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