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Please Guide Me Out Of These 3 Diamonds


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Hey all,


I wanted to get some opinions because after hours of researching and scouring online retailers with images, I think I've almost got it!  I would really appreciate some additional guidance to make sure I'm not missing something.


Getting a custom setting - wrap around setting with halo, no prongs. 


Debating between these 3 diamonds.  I'm concerned about the fluorescense and color from different grader.  I've read that an H color with AGS might not be an H with GIA? 


In terms of cut, if GIA never rates Ideal, can I assume an excellent GIA is as good as an AIG Ideal or is an AIG ideal always better?


All 3 diamonds are VS2, round. They are less than $150 difference in price difference. They are all about the $7500 park from online company, JA (60 day return) Thoughts?  Which is better of the 3?  Is there something I am overlooking in all of them that I need to consider.


1.) AGS - 1.09 Carat - H - Ideal - depth: 60.9; width 56.9 - Polish/Sym: Ideal/Ideal

Fluor - None; Girdle: thin-Slightly thick; Cutlet: pointed


2.) GIA - 1.10 - H - Excellent - depth: 60.1; width 60.0 - Polish/Sym - Excellent, Excellent

Fluor - None; Girdle: Medium- Medium; Cutlet: none


3.) GIA - 1.14 - G - Excellent - depth: 59.6; width 60.0 - Polish/Sym - Excellent, Excellent ; Fluor - Strong Blue; girdle: medium-medium; cutlet - none


What would you get? Why?


My better half has a 4.5 finger and with the halo, I'm thinking a 1 carat or slightly bigger, 1.1 would be the right size and not too gaudy looking.


Thank you so much!!!!

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Ah @davidelevi I mean GIA! Sorry! fixed it.  been staring at diamonds online and researching information all weekend mixed them up.  ALSO, I'm sorry the title of the topic isn't more specific! I'm not sure how to change it to specifically, which round diamond would you choose, is strong blue an issue?

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I didn't know I could do that. Thank you! I just asked for the 3 reports and they said it will take about 3 days.


Here are the 3 links though.  I wasn't positive if links were allowed.  Thank you @JohnnyFive







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Most welcome!  I'm surprised that it still shows the stones as available...when I did that all 3 of mine were no longer available to others.


Anyways, I liked the 2nd one best (the 1.09 carat).  From the 360 view it seemed more eye clean .  The inclusions weren't in the middle like the 1st one, some at 10 o'clock but pinpoint ish.  The specifications seem good too.


I look forward to seeing the ASET report for the other 2.  I did look at the image on the GIA report and it looks good (only one that had it of the 3).  Slightly less bright in the middle in that green zone but overall I pretty nice. 


My vote is for the 2nd one.  :)

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