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Are These Winning Wisps Any Issue? (G Si1 H&a)


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I'm pending a final decision on a solitaire for an engagement ring, from James Allen.  1.05 ct, G, SI1, Excellent/True Hearts cut, HCA 0.6.




My one remaining concern is whether the multiple small twinning wisps might be visible to the naked eye, might pose structural integrity concerns, or might dull the brilliance of the diamond.   (more pics below, including Idealscope, and GIA cert.)


I'd like to make the purchase, but would appreciate any reassurance or other advice.  Thank you so much!!






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Winning twisps are usually quite benign and difficult to see without a loupe (and sometimes in an SI1 even with a loupe, once set). They will definitely pose no structural/integrity/durability issue, nor will they have an impact on transparency.


This is not an absolute guarantee that the stone is transparent (there are reasons why it might be not perfectly transparent that have nothing to do with "clarity") or that the wisps are invisible; the only real proof is seeing things. JA has a very generous return policy, so use it!

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David, thanks so much for the feedback.


The visuals are great in the close-up video linked in my initial post.  Based on that, is your expectation that this diamond is eye-clean?  The customer service rep at JA says yes, but says it's a waste of time to get that assessment from the licensed gemologist.

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In a sense, it's a waste of time because these things are subjective - your visual acuity, the circumstances in which you look at the diamond, the way in which you will have it set all contribute to the final "eye-clean" verdict.


In another sense, it's a question of the standard of proof you require before you commit yourself to the cost of return shipping (or "spending" one of your 3 free returns if you are in the US). The report looks good, you are happy with the video and photo. Does the opinion of someone - not you or your chosen expert - seeing the diamond and telling you it's good really sway things for you one way or another? If it does, then insist.

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