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Which Round Brilliant Would You Choose?


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Hi all,
I'm torn between two stones I found online. I like the first stone for its higher clarity and the fact that I can purchase this diamond and my girlfriend's favorite setting from the same place, thus saving me some hassle and a few bucks.

The second diamond appeals to me because of its medium blue fluorescence, and I'd be lying if I said having a 1 carat stone wasn't a nice psychological bonus. It's SI2 but the vendor's gemologist claims its 100% eye clean, which if true, is all I care about. 

Either one would be going into a bezel set halo setting. So what's your preference?

The first diamond:
.85 Carat; AGS Ideal 0; I Color; VS2 Clarity
HCA Score: 1.2
Depth: 61.8
Table: 54.7
Crown: 34.3*
Pavilion: 40.8*
Measurements: 6.08x6.12x3.77
Fluorescence: Negligible
Price: $4,200


And the second:
1.00 Carat; GIA Excellent; I Color; SI2 Clarity
HCA Score: 0.6
Depth: 61.3
Table: 56
Crown: 34*
Pavilion: 40.6*
Measurements: 6.45x6.42x3.94
Fluorescence: Med Blue
Price: $4,300

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You need to be aware that setting an "I" color into a halo/bezel style ring does tend to make the diamond face up darker since its circumference is enclosed thus blocking light entry from the side and refracting up through the table.


Medium fluorescence will have a negligible to no effect in whitening the appearance.


In our experience with halo/bezel style rings, F-G color works best if you're looking to achieve a uniform look with the side accent diamonds.

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Can you return the diamonds without penalty within a reasonable time frame (say at least a week, ideally longer)? If so, get the 1 carat.


It seems nicely cut and it will look larger; the fluorescence will have no effect one way or another unless you are in sunlight anyway, but I doubt the inclusions are truly as invisible as the vendor claims. The only way of knowing whether it's eye-clean to your standards is to see it in a variety of lighting environments.

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Thanks for the input.  The I color is a concern of mine, but I thought that since the halo setting sidestones are G/H, the color difference wouldn't be that noticeable.    


The good news is I have 30 days to return the diamonds for a full refund.  Either way, I'll need to see the stone and the stone in the setting together for myself.

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Most companies will charge you a re-stocking fee if they have to remove the center stone from the halo ring, and there are companies that will not take back the ring, period, as it is a custom piece.


Best you find out before you pay.

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