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Which Diamond Should I Pick?


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1) There is not enough information - particularly on cut - to comment.


2) On this database there are about 700 1.00-1.10 princess cut G-H VVS diamonds listed, and there are plenty more similar diamonds not listed here. How did you take the field down from 1000+ diamonds to these 3?




3) There are even more (nice) diamonds outside of those parameters. How did you land on those?

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Hi David,


My apologies for the lack of info.


I understand what you'd meant when there are literally hundred of diamonds out there of similar characteristics. I decided to choose 3 of the first random ones I had found using the search below (see URL - I am from Sydney Australia) and I wanted to see what you guys had deemed a 'better' diamond, so I could try and understand the rationale behind it so I can learn more about it :)




Anyway I am intending to buy a diamond for my girlfriend. I already have a setting.



Budget is 6 - 6.5k AUD (which is about 5.5 - 6K USD)

Princess Cut

1.0 carat upwards (whatever is in the price range)

Excellent / Ideal Cut

G or H color (pref G)

VVS1/VVS2 (pref VVS1 but was told not much difference in VVS2)

Excellent Polish and Symmetry

No Fluorescence

and GIA certified


Thanks for linking me to this diamond review site, it's awesome. I do have a question however as to why some have a smaller (or bigger dimension) when they are the same carat size? Is this due to the table and depth difference?




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Hi Johnny,


You provided all the data you have... the issue with princess cut  (indeed the issue with any cut other than modern round) is that there is no widespread system for grading the quality of cut. AGS has a good system, but the volume of stones that are graded by AGS is very small: for example, out of the 700 or so stones I linked above, there is exactly one with an AGS report. BTW, it looks like a nice stone, and it's within your budget, so look at it, by all means.


If you want to broaden choice, there are basically two choices:


1. You select vendors that can provide you with more information - photos, videos, reflector images, 3D scans, their own opinion (be careful here: it's not just a matter of expertise or of not having a vested interest - most online dealers never see the stones they sell; they only act as a marketing and selling channel for their suppliers).


2. You look around for stones that you can physically see and then pick from there. I don't know Sydney, but I'm sure there are a few decent jewellers; whether they store what you want is a different question. Prices for high street operations also tend to be higher, since they have higher costs.


The answer to your question on size is easy: carat is a measure of weight, and this means volume, so you can have combinations of dimensions that give the same volume (weight) but significantly different aspect ratios. Depth is definitely part of the game; table far less and in a more complicated way - however don't assume that "high depth" (and thus relatively small face-up size) is always necessarily bad. Particularly in princess cuts, a certain amount of depth is necessary for the diamond to look good.


Finally, I still have a question (or curiosity, if you prefer): why is your preference for such a high clarity? "Flawless" I can understand on a symbolic level, but paying the premium for VVS1 when a VS2 or a well chosen SI1 will look exactly the same without a loupe, I don't.

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Thanks for such a detailed response David! Much appreciated!


With regards to your question as to why choose such a high clarity, I guess it was due to some people kept hammering into me that if you can't get an F or IF, then go for the next best thing. I will go with your advice and lower the clarity a bit more.


I guess round cut is still the benchmark, so have decided to take your advice and use the search to some fine tuning with a round cut, lowered the clarity a bit and lowered the carat down to a 0.90+ and the price is pretty much on par with my budget (6K USD / 6.5K AUD)


I decided to stick to a G color, but went with a VS1/VS2 as per your recommendation, and the below results came up:-



Are these prices including an additional 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax), not sure if the US has this type of tax but in Australia we have this.
Again thanks so much for the advice!
Kind regards,


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Prices are "US fashion" i.e. net of all taxes. Which in the case of Australia include GST and import duty on set stones/finished jewellery; I think there is no import duty on loose diamonds, but I may be wrong; call Australian customs if you need a definitive statement.


Just to clarify on round vs. princess: they look different, and there is no way of saying one is "better" than the other in any absolute way. If you (your to-be-fiancée) prefer the square look of a princess cut, don't get a round; there are ways of getting well cut princesses even shopping online - it's just a bit more difficult than it is for rounds, where you do get more help from lab cut grades.

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