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1 Ct Engagement Ring Advice?


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Hello, all!


I have been doing some online research for a few months in my free time on engagement rings, the C's, and important aspects in buying.


I am a younger college student and have saved up $2,500 over the past year and a half for an engagement ring.


I recently found a 1 Ct Solitaire engagement ring that I am very interested in.


Here is some of the given information on the ring:


  • Weight: 1 carat
    • Color: G-H
    • Clarity: I1-I2
    • Setting: 6 Prong
    • Certification: EGL
    • Metal: 14k white gold
    • Finish: High polish
    • Style: Solitaire
    • Weight: 2.9 grams
    • Ring setting: 7 mm wide x 8 mm long x 8 mm high
    • Band: 2 mm wide



Due to special pricing and a discount I am able to obtain, I could buy this ring for $2,200 with the con of not being able to see the diamond before buying.  With that being said, their is a 30-day return policy and it is EGL certified (I know it is not the best in certifications but it is better than nothing).



Does this seem like a good purchase for a young person with my budget?


Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! :)


Thank you.

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No, it doesn't seem a good purchase to me. The EGL report means that you know next to nothing on colour and clarity - only that it's going to be no higher than H/I2, and that doesn't sound like a very nice recipe (there are I2 that look OK, but there aren't many and you need to see them). You also know nothing about the cut of the diamond, which is the most important attribute as far as looks are concerned.


I think you should reset your expectations: a truly nice looking 1 carat+ diamond is not available for $2000 or so.

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Adding to Davide's comments, you can be fairly certain that this diamond will be clearly off-white and have easily visible large inclusions.  An "H" color from the EGL usually translates to something in the JKL range of GIA grading such that the stone will appear either yellow or brownish (or possibly even grey).  I have never seen a pleasant "I2" from the EGL.  In the vast majority of cases these stones are so full of imperfections that you can rarely see through to the culet.  I understand that as a student you are on a restricted budget.  As such, I would suggest you recalibrate your expectations and aim for a smaller stone of better quality.

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I'll add another problem to the above.  The fact that they gave both clarity and color a range (I1-I2, G-H), tells me that they examined the stone mounted.  That's ok for what it is, but it means that the stone isn't 1 carat, it's APPROXIMATELY 1 carat.  They're estimating.  In the diamond business that's a big deal.  The difference between a 0.95 and a 1.00 is remarkably important and a 0.89 is even more so.    You may indeed want a 0.8x in order to fit your budget, in fact I think it's likely, but don't be misled into thinking it's something it's not. 

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Thank you all so much for your advice, I will definitely not go with this ring.


I am currently thinking of going around town to look at local jewelers, will be looking at getting a smaller diamond, and possibly expanding my budget (if possible). 

I am unsure if anyone has any suggestions for jewelers in Florida, online, or for other places to look, but those suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.


Once again, thank you all so much for the advice and information.  It is great that you all are so willing to help.

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