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Can Anyone Give Me Any Information On This Ring? Please


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Pretty ring. There is no way anyone can even tell you whether the stones are diamonds from a photo, never mind what type of diamond they are.


If you simply want identification (i.e. "these stones are - or are not - diamonds") take it to a jeweller or a pawn shop. They will normally do this for free and in a minute or two.


If you want an estimate of how much it could be worth (for resale? for replacement? for inheritance tax?), you need an appraiser. The appraiser will usually provide you with an estimated grade for colour and clarity, as well as an approximate weight, without needing to take the stones out of the setting.


If you want to know technical details, such as the origin of colour in the two side stones (natural vs. irradiated vs. heated vs. coated), proper grading and - if relevant - type identification, the stones will need to be taken out of the setting and sent to a lab. This is going to cost over $500, so you probably want to try one of the two other options above first...


My bet - which is worth about as much as you are paying for it - is that the side stones are irradiated diamonds; three stone rings such as this one with irradiated blue sides were popular in the late 1980s. This is not in any way a serious opinion, and the three stones may all be something else. I also bet, in exactly the same way, that in your household there is a black cat or dog.

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Thank you for your time and information. For some reason I couldn't log into the Oceandreams name. And no black cat or dog in my household. We scratched the diamonds or whatever you may call them, on some glass and also a mirror and all three did scratch both of the surfaces pretty good. Where you can feel the indentation from where they scratched.

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There's plenty of materials that will scratch glass, including several diamond simulants. I'm afraid that the test only proves that the stones are not lead crystal (which is softer than most "commercial" types of glass).


Re: the cat/dog - this proves my point exactly. There is a black hair easily visible in the photos; caught in the cloth you are using to hold the ring. My bet was that it was an animal hair; it may well be human, but there is no way of telling from a photo...

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