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1.24Ct. Gia/h/i1/excut/expolish/vg Sym $4K -- Scared Of The I1...


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So I'm looking for an engagement ring. I've been watching an online reseller. There is currently a ring on there that has my attention...the only problem is that it is an I1. I have spoken with the jewler by phone and he says that the ring is very nice with no cloudy or milky appearance. And that the inclusions are only noticable if you look really close...


When I look at the GIA grading report the clarity characteristics look scary...He is offering 100% money back guarantee if I pay through PayPal.


I'm just intersted to know what others think.


Round Brilliant Cut

1.24 Carats

Excellent Cut

Excellent Polish

Very Good Symmetry

H Color

I1 Clarity

Tiffany Style 6 prong Platinum Setting


Thanks for the feedback!





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Why are you nervous?

I1, by it's nature, comes with some stuff in it and it covers a big range.  The amount of ink in the diagram means almost nothing.  This is a map, not an illustration.  That's why to ask them these questions.  Assuming you trust your jeweler to answer honestly, you're fine to proceed and take a look at it in person knowing that your only exposure is the shipping and some wasted time.  If you don't trust the jeweler, don't do a deal with them no matter what GIA says. 

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