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New York Estate Jewelry - New York, Ny - Pleasant Antique Engagement Ring Purchase


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First of all, I need to thank David at New York Estate Jewelry for helping me out with a situation that I had. I purchased a beautiful 1.54 ct diamond platinum engagement ring from his booth in the diamond district in New York and then took it to get appraised roughly a week later. The insurance appraisal came in 30% below what I paid for the ring so I went back to David and questioned the price that he sold the ring to me for. He got back to me promptly and offered me a full refund (keep in mind the return period already expired) since he was shocked that the ring appraised for what it did. He went above and beyond by offering me the full refund, but I declined since I really love the ring and couldn't find anything similar during my countless hours of searching online. I am going to take the ring to someone that specializes in antique jewelry to get a second insurance appraisal which will hopefully resolve my issue when it comes to insuring the ring.

Feel free to check out what David and Israel have to offer at the link below. I did a fair amount of due diligence before going to their location and found these guys to be fair and reasonable based on online reviews and threads. To experience it first hand was great, these guys will make sure that you have a pleasant experience and they aren't sharks that push you into a sale. I went in to check the ring out before committing to the purchase and they were fine with me walking out the door. A week later I purchased the ring online and I received it the following day. Great experience and transaction - highly recommended if you're looking for antique/vintage style jewelry.  

Israel Rose / New York Estate Jewelry
10 West 47 St. Booth 58 & 59 New York, NY 10036
Ph: 212-944-2370 Fax: 212-719-9668


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