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Some Thoughts Before I Pull The Pin: 0.41Ct/f-Vvsi/gia/round Cut


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Hi all


Been trawling these forums, and have learned a lot from them so thank you for providing this great information source.


I'm about to pull the pin on this diamond but would like to get a second opinion on it:





Round Cut


What do you guys think?


My budget is between $1700- $2000


Thank you so much for your help.


Edit: attaching the images



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If you want a 0.40 F/VVS1, it sounds like a good choice. If you want a 0.50 H/VS2, it isn't. Both are available for ~$2000 and one looks larger but not less white or with more inclusions than the other.


Conversely, a D/IF 0.30 will look smaller and not much different otherwise, but it will carry bragging rights that neither of the other options above do, and it's also available for ~$2000.


In short, the question is "what are you looking for"?

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Thanks for the quick response. Overall, I have been looking for a diamond that has good specs, but also has good light return, brilliance, etc. Then once I considered that, I looked how big the diamond could be, within my budget, with relatively good specs. Because there's so many to choose from, I narrowed my searches down to D/E/F/G colours, and IF/VVS1/VVS2 clarity, and ideal cuts. I didn't want something too big either that would break the budget, so went below 0.50. 


That was my thinking behind it, but from your response it seems you've already answered my question: "is it a good diamond?" It seems your answer is, yes. 

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That was my thinking behind it, but from your response it seems you've already answered my question: "is it a good diamond?" It seems your answer is, yes.

Actually, my answer is: if you want a 0.40 F/VVS1, it's fine. There are other options within your budget that will look as white, as clean, but will be larger, and there are others still that will look no larger but will be cheaper. Does it matter? I have no idea; I'm not you (or your to-be-fiancée). :)


Also, as you say, the differences between VVS1 and VVS2 and VS1 are small. But the price differences can vary from between $200-$400. Is this just a case of you get what you've paid for? Sorry if that's a silly question, but always been curious...


Thank you!

It's actually a very interesting question, which requires a slightly complex answer. All gemstones except diamond are graded without the use of magnification. Diamond is the exception - largely for commercial/marketing reasons. End result: there are more clarity grades for which there is no visible difference than those for which there is some difference. You pay for what you get in the sense that - as you have noticed - a VVS1 will cost more than a VS1 and that is going to be true generally even when you resell or trade the diamond; it has less "stuff" in it, but will you see the difference? Not without a loupe, and some times not even with that.


This comparison may date me a litte, but it's a bit like comparing two otherwise identical hi-fi amplifiers, one with a bandwidth of 0-100 kHz and another more expensive one with a bandwidth of 0-150 kHz. Yes, the second one has a broader bandwidth, but since humans don't hear 100 kHz, never mind 150, I'm not sure you are "getting" anything for what you pay.

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