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Help I Need Your Opinion On This Diamond..


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I'm  so confused which diamond will i buy. i'm torn between this two diamond. more or less the price is the same. i need you opinion on it. thank you in advance..


rock number 1





rock number 2


Carat:   1

Cut:      EX 

Color:   I

Clarity:  IF

Polish: EX

Sym:    EX


attached pic Below:







Thank you so much..

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A quick search in the database for those specs produces 4520 stones ranging in price from $1796 to $11774.  To say the least that's a huge range, and that's just the folks who advertise here.  That's the problem. You've narrowed it down to two.  


For us to give reasonable advice about which is better, or if perhaps one of those other stones might be better still, it's important to understand what you count as important and what you're willing to trade off to get it.  


FWIW, the one you've given images of above wouldn't normally be counted as a 'hearts and arrows' cut.  

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