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Bait And Switch?


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I recently purchased a ring from a well known jewelery shop. It contained a diamond with the following details:


Measurements: 4.35 x 4.30 x 2.60mm

Clarity: SI-2

Color: K


However, upin purchasing it they discovered that one of the small decorative diamonds in it was missing. They shipped me a new ring instead. However, the new ring had the following diamond:


Measurements: 4.27x4.25x2.61mm

Clarity: I-1

Color: H


Have I been ripped off or is this a comparable diamond?

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It's not a "comparable" unless you accept it as one.


First, who provides the grading report -- GIA or someone else?


Second, how much is this ring costing you?  You can find what each of the main stones should cost (within a range) using the diamond finder here.


Third, for them to replace the entire ring because one pave/melee stone fell out is very suspicious.  Doesn't seem like they value you as a customer, honestly, because replacing a 1-5 point diamond chip should cost at most $15-75.  For them to pull something else out of stock means they don't have any metal workers, or they're downgrading you.


Fourth -- if a stone falls out so easily, I'd be very suspicious about the rest of the workmanship.  This isn't like the crap you buy at Toys'R'Us for a Christmas morning, where you're lucky if half the toys are still operational by evening.

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