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Best Diamond Size For Three Stone Setting


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I would like to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I'm trying to find a nice engagement ring.


I found this nice ring from Tiffany. The real tiffany is overpriced, because you have to pay to the brand name. I would prefer to invest in a higher quality diamond instead of a brand name. I will use this design as a starting point and let a nice store here create this for me. With some research, I figured out how to the read certificates (there is more than just color and clarityJ).


For this three-stone engagement ring I need some advice. The centre stone will be a 0.75crt diamond.


My question is what size will the pear shaped stones on both sides be? What will be the perfect balance? Something around 0.20crt, but can someone with experience help me? Is using a 0.75crt centre stone doable with a three stone setting? Normally they use very big stones for this setting.


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Thanks for your answer!


Will a 0.75 carat stone fit well for a three-stones settings?


Is it important to have all three stones (including the pears) have exact the same color and calirity? Or is it even better to have the center stone in a higher quality to let het visally pop-up from the other two sidestones?



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Size-wise, as long as everything else is in proportion, yes, why not? Get the vendor to send you photos of the three stones so you can get a rough idea of what the finished ring will look like. Here is such a layout with a 1.02 radiant (not dissimilar in size from a 0.75 round):




On colour, I'd go for a reasonable match - meaning +/-1 grade. For clarity, I'm of the strongly held opinion that paying for extra clarity is not good value for money; as long as the sides (and the centre) are eye-clean, I'd be happy.


I don't think it's a good idea to try to get the centre stone to "pop" unless you are going to use stones that are truly highly contrasting (i.e. fancy colours or thereabouts) - but that's my opinion. Again, get the vendor to help you visualise what a contrast would look like through photos. This is what I mean by high contrast (centre = 0.91 E; sides = 0.44 each fancy yellow)




(BTW - to me that's not the right set of centre-to-sides proportions, particularly for an engagement ring, but some people like it. I prefer something like this:




centre = 1.13 E Asscher - about 0.5 mm bigger than a 0.75 round; sides = 2 x 0.25 fancy light pink radiants)

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