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Two Diamonds On Hold Help Me Choose -James Allen Vs Bluenile


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Hi All,


New to the forum thought I would join here for some help on these two diamonds I have held.


I have found two diamonds and have both on hold and need help deciding.


This beauty on bluenile signature collection so between this which of the two would you go for? I know the cut is ideal so please help me out:




GIA Report for it showing inclusions http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?reportno=2166075606&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&pagename=GIA%2FDispatcher&c=Page&cid=1355954554547


GCAL Report: http://www.gemfacts.com/Cert/

enter numeber : 233090051






Both nearly same money but the bluenile is slightly larger LWD and perfect cut.

From the bluenile GCAL and reports which is the winner?


There are very minor inclusions with bluenile but im told not seen to the eye and the James Allen has great specs too.


Any help appreciated. ell me the favourite and why? this is a hard decision


I have reviewed lots and on another forum that people have given so help but I would like some opinions on the above. Bluenile can not provide the ASET and James Allen I am asking for them.

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What makes you say that the BN stone is a "perfect cut"? Ex/Ex symmetry/polish is not at all the same thing, though it is a good sign.


You are comparing apples with pears from a pricing point of view: the JA stone is an E/VVS2 and the BN stone is an H/SI1 (and 10% heavier). IF - big if - the price reflects cut quality, I would expect the BN stone to be significantly better cut than JA. Or are you just paying for marketing?


The problem is that you have two non-comparable sets of information on the two stones: the video for JA and a GCAL report for BN (BTW - here is a working link to the GCAL report: http://www.bluenile.com/certs/233090051.pdf?params=cHJvZHVjdD1CTiZwaG9uZT0xKzgwMCs0MjUrMDIyJmxpbms9aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy5ibHVlbmlsZS5jb20lMkZhdSUyRl9MRDAzODA4MDkwJnNrdT1MRDAzODA4MDkwJmxhYj1nY2FsJmN1cnJlbmN5PUFVRCY%3D). It's a bit like comparing two cars on the basis of a video and a performance report; do you prefer the red coupe or the one that does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds?


This said, I'm not particularly convinced (or swooned) by the JA video, and I would suggest you take a look at the Blue Nile stone first. If that disappoints - in terms of clarity, cut or anything else - then return it and consider other options.

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Thank you very much for the reply.


For some reason i copied the links from another forum and they came out funny.


I do understand what you mean. These are the two best diamonds i can personally find in my price range as i will be shipping to australia and have Tax on top 10%.


Unfortunately the BN diamond has no pictures or videos like JA so thats as much as i can offer at present.


I am leaning towards the BN as the cut on paper looks excellent and in their signature range and as long as no inclusions i will be happy.


Is there anything on paper that would put people off the BN diamond or that stands out?


My budget is roughly 7k with gst and seens to be best i can find around 1.1 carat excellt cut etc.


Any other comments welcomed.

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