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Help Picking My Loose Round Diamond!


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Hello all,


I am in need of some help picking a round diamond. I've never done this before, but have done a little research. However, help from all of you pros is much handier. So, I applaud you guys!


My budget is around $5,000 USD. (with hopes to stay close to 4,500)  I'm going to have to finance, so I will have to buy from a local jeweler, I believe. Luckily, I'm close to Atlanta, so I have many options.


Okay, here is what I believe    I'm after. I want ideal to excellent dimensions on cut, depth, table, etc.... I would like to stay in the G-H range, also. The diamond will be placed in a white gold setting. As far as carat weight, I'm good with staying under a carat for savings purposes. I am certain I want a .9-1.1 carat range. Quality is also a big deal to me, I care about what it looks like under a loop, though obviously, what is most important is what it looks like in natural daylight to the average eye.


I really prefer to keep the clarity grade in vvs1-vs2. I also would prefer a GIA diamond. But will consider a EGL in say..... 1 carat vvs2, G color with close to ideal dimensions on cut/table/depth/etc...


I realize what I'm asking for may be close to impossible for my budget. That's why I'm looking to you guys. I am all open ears to advice.


Here's some sample stones i found. Tell me if I'm approaching this correctly!









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