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Thoughts On An Hpht Diamond?


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Hi! I have my heart set on a fancy light pink diamond (any combination of brown-pink, pink-brown, pinkish brown, brownish pink, or pink champagne) that is NO smaller than 1ct; however, my price point is killing me! So after months of research, I have found a GIA HPHT VS2 round brilliant cut diamond that I like. Is it worth it? Is it still considered a "real" diamond? Pros/Cons?


Thank you!

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Yes, it's a real diamond.  

Whether it's worth the price is up to you.  As you have obviously discovered, untreated natural pinks can get psycho expensive.  Your options here are to go with one that not very pink, not very big (think 0.05cts, not 1.00), spend BIG money, HPHT treated, or synthetics.  

You've obviously ruled out going tiny, it sounds like you're not interested in one where the pinkishness is barely detectable, and you don't have a 6 digit budget so what's left is HPHT and synthetics. Both are real diamonds and there are purists with problems with both.  Is HPHT better for YOU than a synthetic, which is your only alternative that comes close to what you want?

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I am ruling out "tiny" as this will be my new engagement ring. My princess cut cracked last year and I have spent MONTHS going back and forth with what I want to do. There are many factors...one of which includes my upcoming 10-year wedding anniversary. Anyways, I have decided on a rose gold cushion halo for a round diamond. With this type of setting, I'm totally fine going faint or very light pink, too. Not to mention, I have found a few .75 / .80 / .90 ct diamonds within my budget. I guess I just wanted to know the "diamond community's" thoughts regarding treated diamonds.


Thank you!

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Most jewelers don't sell them.  They're even more difficult for consumers to sell than untreated natural stones.  They're significantly harder to find.  I guess those are generally votes against by the trade.  Personally, I have no problem with them as long as they're properly disclosed.

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FWIW, as someone dealing mostly in natural coloured diamonds, I agree 100% with Neil's comments, but particularly with this one:


Color is nearly everything here. I haven't seen it. Have you? Do you like it?

I would only add that while a pure natural fancy (light) pink, round, over 1 carat is going to be psycho-expensive (to borrow again Neil's words from other threads), there are ways of "cheating". For example:


1) Go with spready, fancy shapes such as pears and ovals, and then use halos:



The centre is a Fancy Orangy Pink I1, 0.37 ct


2) Accept that some inclusions may be visible in certain circumstances:



Centre Fancy Light Pink I2, 0.45 ct


3) Get a stone that is actually more brown than pink (at least in GIA's eyes) and set it properly:



Main stone Fancy Light Pinkish Brown I1, 1.44 ct


All three rings are (or were) below $15000. Which is still not cheap, but it's of the same order of magnitude as a ring with a 1 carat, high quality white round in a high quality, relatively elaborate setting.

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By the way, as you have seen from the photos above, which are unretouched other than for cropping, light and surroundings change the look of the diamond in a very significant way. Which is why - regardless of colour origin, grade or appearance in photo - it is hugely important that you can SEE the diamond and return it without penalty if it doesn't appeal.

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