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Please Help - Urgent - Diamond Dimensions Concern For Sparkle...


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I am in the process of going through with this diamond and need to make a decision very quickly. I am not sure about the table % as it seems very high…..


Shape:  brilliant Fluorescence:  nil Carat(weight):  1.51 ct Measurements:  7.66 - 7.73 mm x 4.13 mm Colour Grade:  rare white +(F) Girdle:  thin 2.5 % Clarity Grade:  VS1 Culet:  2.4 % polished Cut:    Total Depth:  53.7 % Proportions:  good Table Width:  69 % Polish:  very good Crown Height (β):  10.5 % (33.6 deg) Symmetry:  good Pavilion Depth (α):  41.0 % (40.0 deg)     Length Halves Crown:  40 %     Length Halves Pavilion:  75 %     Sum α & β:  73.6 deg


I would appreciate your thoughts on this as I want maximum sparkle.


Many thanks 


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The biggest question I would have, if I were you, is "who has graded this stone?" Colour and clarity (and cut) grades have a significant impact on fair price, and the terminology used makes me think the information provided is not reliable.


Apart from that, purely based on the information available on proportions, I'd suggest you skip this one and look at something else. It's extremely shallow, and in conjunction with the big table I suspect it's going to look like a boiled trout's eye, as in:



(image credit: Garry Holloway/www.diamond-cut.com.au)

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Hi David,


Thanks for your quick reply. The info above is from the HRD certificate...


I would be paying £8000 GBP (total price) for the diamond so I don't know if that is good value for this stone?


I will certainly look for the "boiled trouts eye" when I see it. I think I may need to reconsider, as my main criteria is maximum fire, brilliance and sparkle...



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HRD is fine as far as clarity and colour grading go, which leaves the "cut" consideration very much alive. If you can see it before finalising the purchase, everything is OK; if you cannot, then make sure you have a sufficient period within which to verify the stone and return it without penalty if necessary.


Also, make sure that you see some other (well cut) diamonds for reference - ideally in the same shop (make sure they have an AGS or GIA cut grade of Excellent or Ideal); even a bad diamond can look relatively enticing, particularly under jeweller's lights.

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