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Help, Opinions On A Partcular Stone. Anything Else I Need To Be Looking For?


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Hi All,


I've come here to seek opinions and guidence on a particular stone. Please go easy on me as im relatively new. I've attached the specification that I've been provided.


What else should I be looking for? Am I missing anything


Appreciate anyone and everyones feed back :)


Shape and Cutting Style:  Cushion Modified Brilliant
Measurements:   5.74 x 5.71 x 4.07 mm

Carat Weight:     1.06 carat
Color Grade:      D
Clarity Grade :    VS1

Polish :               Excellent
Symmetry:          Excellent
Fluorescence :   None

Depth:     71.3%

Table::     61%


Inclusions: as per report

cloud about 10:30 - just off the centre (im unable to see)

crystal about 430


Edit: Picture



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1) From the style/wording of your description, I assume the diamond comes with a GIA report, right? If I'm not right, then the whole grading is subject to question, and you'd do well to reconsider your choice, unless the vendor has provided credible evidence it IS a D/VS1 (with its attendant premium price).


2) There is no way to judge cut from the info you have provided. All signs are encouraging (nicely square stone, EX/EX symmetry and polish, no red flags on depth and table, nice outline in the photo. Is it lively? Does it have a pleasant (for you) balance of brightness, fire, contrast and sparkle?


3) Provided I'm right about 1) above, don't worry about inclusions. With a GIA VS1 they will be invisible without a loupe (and even with one, once set).

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The diamond, based on the info you have provided, looks like a potentially good stone.  Ultimately you will have to judge the liveliness of the diamond or perhaps you can request table top "live" pictures of the diamond, possibly even compared side-by-side to others.  Assuming you do not have actual access to the diamond before purchase, this might be a good way to get a better idea of the way it looks, live.  Is the D color particularly important to you?  Assuming as Davide says, that this is a GIA graded stone, you will still have an extremely white stone if you drop the color to F.  The money saved could be put toward a slightly larger stone.  Just a suggestion.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks to you both for the responses you have provided.

In answer to the questions;

You were both correct in your assumptions regarding the GIA certificate.


The D color is not overly important and previously I was considering a E colored stone. I hadn't considered down grading the color to increase the size however this I thank you for your suggestion GeorgeDI.

Presently I do not have the ability to view this stone and I am therefore even more cautious regarding a purchase, whilst its all good and well to provide the specifications. Ultimately a stones characteristics (liveliness, fire, brilliance) seem to be determined by factors that difficult to put on a report.

If, and I repeat, if someone was to consider a stone and to purchase it sight unseen what would you do to ensure the look is right. Live shots as you suggest GeorgeDI?

Thanks again. :)


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What would I do? Two categories of things:


1) Request more shots in different lighting environments, possibly video. Reflector images. The problem with these things is that they are extremely dependent on the vendor's skill and willingness to be "honest" about what he/she has. They are also relatively meaningless without you having a reference point (how does a diamond that you like come out in photos/videos/whatever, and how does a diamond that you do NOT like come out?)


2) A bullet-proof return policy: at least 2 weeks between time of receipt and time of shipping back, 100% money back, no questions asked, no reason to return requested, no restocking charges (other than shipping and credit card commission, and these to be pre-agreed).

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Skill in the photography is definitely a must and not always readily available.  You can request comparison pictures as an alternative so at the very least you can see how your stone compares to another.  This tends to be more useful with fancy shapes and is still not the ultimate proof. 


The return policy is an absolutely essential part of this process.

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Thanks for the feed back guys.

The agent who was potentially getting the stone had a colleague look at it. It was concluded that whilst it all looks good on paper it was lacking the sparkle one might desire and therefore we i gave it a miss.

The hunt continues.... Thanks people :)

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