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Seeking Good Diamond Setters In Sydney


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I have got my diamond now thanks for your help in helping me decide on the diamond

Can anyone recommend any good diamond setters in Sydney Australia?

Here is a picture of my new diamond next to my old diamond

My new one is a GIA 1.52 VS1 F Colour and my old diamond is approx a .70 but not sure of the specs as it's an old family diamond

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Now, that is an UPGRADE. Unfortunately, I can't help; I barely know how to spell Sydney.

Thanks anyway Davide 😂

What is the best way online to search for diamond engagement ring designs, for example is there a encyclopedia of designs/claw settings etc? I have just been doing google searches and I found this design that I like, I want the side stones to match my current wedding and eternity ring, I'm just looking at changing the claw/prong setting


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Stuller (www.stuller.com) are as close as I know to an encyclopaedia; they won't supply you direct, but at least you can get a couple of photos each for thousands of designs.


When you say "changing the prongs", what do you mean? That style of setting is known as cross-wires (or Lucida-style), and you can't really change it, other than getting it in a 4-prong style, without the two wires facing you directly, as in the photo below.



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