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Princess Table To Depth Percentage.


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Ratio of table to depth makes no sense at all.


Table % is a ratio between the table size and the width (or diameter) of the diamond, just like depth% is the ratio between the depth and the width.


By and large, other than excluding some extreme values, there aren't valid guidelines. Once you rule out the extremes (for which, incidentally, I'd be far more lenient than the tutorial...), you can't predict what happens purely from those ratios; a 70% depth (to pick the middle point of the range you quote) isn't necessarily better looking than one with 71, or 75 or even 78. Nor does it work going the other way.


The deeper a stone is, the smaller it will look for the same weight, but princess cuts with relatively high depth (75-77%) can be very beautiful, even if they face up smaller than shallower stones. Table width is also to a large extent a matter of taste, and some premium cutters cut tables in the high '50s that I like a lot in a princess cut, since I like high crowns.

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Sorry I did not phrase my question correctly.  I understand that that Table % is the table size divide by the diameter.  What I meant to ask is that in the tutorial the Ideal Cut for princess has a range for table % of 62-68% and a depth of 64-75%.  If I understand this correctly these ranges are meant to maximize the amount of light being reflected back to the viewer.  So Im wondering if we had a princess cut with table 68% and depth of 68% would that reflect more or less light compared to a princess cut with a table of 62% and depth of 75%.

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