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I Recently Acquired A 4.08Ct J/vvs2. Before I Had It Sent Out To Gia, I Graded It J-K Vs2-Si1….why?


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I recently acquired a 4.08CT J/VVS2. Before I had it sent out to GIA, I graded it J-K VS2-SI1….Why?

I saw a tremendous amount of needles, mostly visible under the table, and at a 45 degree angle to the pavilion. They are very visible, super clear and spread out. My understanding is that VVS clarity grades require a microscope to determine. However I can see the needles clearly with my 10X.

Does GIA grade needles lightly? Is what I am seeing a needle? Is it one needle that is reflecting to look like many?
Your insight and thoughts are very much appreciated and much anticipated!

Regards R.K.

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GIA most definitely grades needles in quite a benign fashion, but not so leniently... here is a VS2 report that "mostly" contains needles (and I can assure you the crystal and feather are totally minor; I have bought this diamond for myself). All grading is done at 10x, though location may be done at a higher res, if it ain't visible at 10x it ain't "there".




And the stone as it looks when magnified ~25x




The most apparent "stuff" is the graining, then the needles; I can barely make out the crystal and feather combo (in fact, not at all in this photo).


As to what "the needles" (or needle? or???) in your stone is/are, no clue. I could guess internal graining, but even then, if it is as strong as you describe it, I would have expected a VS grade.


If GIA have graded the diamond and you are the client of the grading services, even if the report isn't available yet they should be able to send you copy of their grading notes, which may clear off what it is, whether it's more than one, and where it is.


(BTW - as a pro you should not have fallen for this, but are you sure the diamond was thoroughly clean when examined?)

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Hm. Stumped. Either the needle got reflected quite a few times, or it's not the same diamond. The plot is definitely a VVS plot. Have you got it back? Do you still see the same thing?


(BTW a 4.08 with a 2% girdle and 57% depth must be an absolute honker. Would you mind taking a pic on your hand?)

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Have you tried looking at the stone through the pavilion or even the side? If I see the plot right, the two needles are at the corner of two LG facets and a main, and you have two long-ish naturals right opposite in the same position. I'm wondering if what you are seeing when looking through the table is multiple reflections of the naturals as well as the needles. If they are thin, edge-shaped naturals (e.g. sides of trigons), they may look like needles.


For example look at this:




WTF is that thing in the middle of the diamond? A huge, dense twinning wisp? Multiple crystals of diopside?


Answer: nothing. It's the reflection of this huge natural; the stone actually has no inclusions (that I remember seeing)



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I'm back home: What a F crazy day!


My only explanation is that the 2 needles and the 2 naturals are causing the stone to appear much more included. Your right I should have known better. Clearly I was played....LOL


I will look at the stone more closely tomorrow and let you know exactly what transpires.


Let me ask you an additional question. In regards to the “Clarity Characteristics List†Does the GIA list in order of significance?

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Let me ask you an additional question. In regards to the “Clarity Characteristics List†Does the GIA list in order of significance?

Usually yes - I think the only exception is when "clarity grade is based on X not shown", the plot may still show some other characteristic that helps with ID but wouldn't by itself grade the stone where it is. Edited by davidelevi
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Davide: There not DBL shots. But I rarely photograph diamonds....Enjoy!

I would like to first start off by saying I feel like an idiot. Yes; after an in depth analysis of the stone, perfectly cleaned. I was able to find nearly all inclusions: Consisting of needle, cloud, pinpoint, and naturals respectively.

As discussed yesterday: The 2 needles at the table have caused a reflection that I thought originally looked like TW. Today after reviewing the GIA plot, I was able to locate the needles and isolate their exact location.

The perceived inclusions previously noted (which were all actually reflections) were all identical in pattern, shape, size, and distance from one another. Hence a: Reflection. DUH!

Yes, you are right as pro/ which I humbly (thank you) I should have known better!
Whenever I buy ungraded diamonds the very best I will ever grade clarity is VS1 as you typically need a high powered microscope to justify otherwise.

In this case: Because the diamond appeared to have clear unique whitish inclusions as apparent as I mentioned previously I had to go with VS2-SI1. OOOPS!


Knowing now that 99% of what I was looking at was a “simple reflection†this has been nothing short of a “learning experience†in needle inclusions and there’re respective reflective reactions in an EC or RBC.

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