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Help ! Any Advice Would Be Appreciaited !

Bibster 71

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I had a 18ct white gold ring ( which has one natural cut diamond, it is round brilliant cut)  cleaned polished and Rhodium plated and returned to me on the 3-7-14, When it was returned to me it had a tiny rough shard on the ring which I noticed a week or so after I was going to return to the jeweller on my return to my home town when I returned...  exactly one month later yesterday 3-8-14 I looked down  and the diamond was gone !I was on my way back to the UK from the USA in the airport and distraught... Before this my ring which is 9 years old had no problems what so ever. I am devastated as its so sentimental.

I have the service guarantee which states it has 12 months on it but does anyone know where I stand? Will they replace the diamond? to me its shoddy workmenship and it is the place where the ring was bought which is suppose to be reputable I still have the jewerlly identification report and proof of purchase.


Thanks for any help info or ideas. I will be visiting the jeweler first thing in the morning :( :( :(

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No idea where you stand... it all depends on what the jeweller's guarantee actually says, the extent to which you are insured anyway (is the ring on your household insurance?), and the precise details of how, when and where you lost the diamond.


From personal experience, the fact that you lost the diamond while abroad could be an issue; many insurance and guarantees have little exclusion clauses where the company is not liable when the item is abroad. Before you file for a claim, or even speak to the jeweller, check these things in detail.


As to whether it is shoddy workmanship, I have no idea - and frankly no-one who cannot see the ring can say much. A lot of things can happen in a month, and a diamond can be lost in a thousand ways, but if it comes down to a prong being insufficiently tight and/or worn out, yes, I think you could call that shoddy, given the ring was serviced a month ago.

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I would certainly talk to the jeweler about it.  Normally this would require showing them the ring for an inspection and this is likely to be a bit tricky since it sounds like they're in USA and you're in the UK.  I haven't a clue how they'll navigate this.  It sounds like a big company.  Do they have stores near you that you could work through?


As Davide pointed out above, this would be a covered loss under most insurance policies I know of.  If the jeweler's response is less than satisfactory, talk to your insurance carrier about what's covered and what's not.  They may still try and take it out of the hide of the jeweler but proving the case becomes their problem, not yours. 

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 Diamond Information
  • Carat Weight:
  • 2.51
  • Cut:
  • Excellent
  • Color:
  • I
  • Clarity:
  • VVS2
  • Price($):
  • 25774.04
  • Lab Name:
  • GIA
  • Certificate No:
  • 1179392896
  • Depth:
  • 62.30
  • Table:
  • 54.00
  • Polish:
  • Excellent
  • Symmetry:
  • Very Good
  • Girdle:
  • M
  • Culet:
  • None
  • Fluorescence:
  • None
  • Ratio:
  • 0.00
  • Measurements:
  • 8.68x8.74x5.42
  • Any advice on how this diamond is quality wise? it has the GIA no on it? Thanks!
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Wow that's is tough. I would suggest talking to the jeweler. If they are reputable and you do you jewelry business with them they might be able to help you in some way. They don't want to lose customers. Tell them what happened. I wish you luck. Hopefully they will replace the ring. DO you have before and after pictures? That might help things. 

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