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30Cts Of Rough Colorless Gems That Are D-F Color And Vs Clarity; Diamond Or Not?


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I recently acquired approximately 30cts of rough colorless gems that are D-F color and VS clarity. My feeling is that they are not diamonds, but some other gemmy material. Below I have illustrated what I have done in regards to identification:


Loupe: Appear earth mined gems, colorless, VS clarity. Not octahedral but rocky pebbles with sharp edges and some flat surfaces with russet inclusions.


Thermal conductivity tester: Not diamond, but simulant.


Specific gravity: 3.45-3.52 range.


Fluorescence: none (16 stones) all no FL.


Mohs hardness: I used specially made picks that can scratchy gem material. I tested with (pick) 8 & 9 and it “easily scratched†the flat surface of the rough.


Please tell me what you think the material is? Or if there is any other definitive test that can be done. Personally; I think its 99% not diamond rough but some other gem material like “Rutile Topazâ€.
Your insight and thoughts are very much appreciated and much anticipated!

Regards R.K.

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Upload them to a photo hosting service (photobucket, picasa, or even facebook), then use [ IMG ] tags with the URL.


produces this:




If you then open it in a new tab, it comes up with the highest resolution available (on my free photobucket account, 1024 x 768; if you upgrade to a paid account, I think it's original res)

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