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Expert Opinions On Round Brilliant Diamond Please!


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Hi Everyone

I think I have (finally) found my perfect round brilliant diamond!

Before I make the plunge I would love to have any of your comments. 

The GIA number is 2156627452. 

It is exactly 1.00 carat, G colour, SI1 (I can't even see anything with 10x magnification!) and very good cut. The only thing is, is that it has strong blue fluorescence. I have read a bit on here that fluorescence really isn't a big deal - some people rate it and others don't. It didn't bother me (under shop lighting and day light). 

I am very new to this whole diamond game and so any feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!

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On fluorescence: if you have seen the diamond in daylight and it showed no oiliness/haze, then it's fine. It will just glow like a blue light bulb if you are ever under a black light (which means in a disco or a tanning salon... or a disinfection room in an operating theatre).


If you want more reassurance, this article by GIA may help: http://www.gia.edu/doi/10_5741-GEMS_33_4_244

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Since you seem to have access to the diamond and as you are "new to this game" I would advise you to take the diamond you are interested in and put it side by side with a similar colored diamond with little or no fluo.  With the blessing of the vendor, take both stones outside into the sunshine and make sure the fluorescent one does not have an overblue cast.  If you do not know what to look for, you may not have noticed it, but when comparing side-by-side any visible effect will show up.  If it still looks good, then the fluorescence does not affect the look of the diamond.


Hope this helps.

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