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I'm browsing possible diamonds on JamesAllen.com and stumbled upon this princess cut diamond: http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/0.50-carat-i-color-si1-clarity-sku-231067 


It seems to have very good qualities at a good price. My two concerns are: 1) that the girdle is thick so it might be smaller than .50 carats because of the added weight, 2) it seems a tiny bit dull to me for some reason when looking at it at certain angles. I'm on a very tight budget of $1,000 for just the diamond and was hoping to get the biggest and best .50 carat diamond.

Any comments greatly appreciated!!

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Yes, the diamond is about 0.2 mm smaller than an average 0.50 ct princess cut, and the girdle is visibly "too thick". The dullness may just be a function of the lighting and video technique - or it may be a characteristic of the stone due (for example) to internal strain; no way of telling without seeing the diamond.


Biggest, best (cut) and a limited budget very seldom go together. One way of making things square up may be for you to consider diamonds just below 0.50 ct - they will cost 20% less per carat than something that is 0.50 or above, and (if well cut) will not look smaller than the one discussed here.


The other option is for you to re-direct some budget towards the diamond and taking it away from the setting or other planned expenditure; around $1500 you can find some really nice stones; for $1000 or below, choice is much more limited.


A few to consider - based on being $1000 or below, likely cut quality - but they may not be eye-clean and/or may not be well cut (AGS provides a cut grade for princess cuts; GIA does not - ignore vendor-provided cut grades, unless they come with more information such as ASET/reflector images, Sarin scans etc.). Call the vendors and ask:





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Thank you for your response! I'm reconsidering my budget now and seeing if I can maybe raise it up a bit more so I can get something better. Did you use the length of width in order to figure out that this diamond is 0.2mm smaller than the average .5 carat princess cut?? Also, thank you for the suggestions, I'll have to consider them as well.

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