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Help! 1.5 Carat I1 Vs 1 Carat Si2?


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Hi Guys


I am in a bit of a dilemma...


I want a classic brillant diamond on a very plain gold setting. 


I am currently trying to decide whether I should buy a 1.5carat, "HIJ" colour diamond, very good cut, I1 or sacrifice on size and buy a 1 carat, "HIJ" colour diamond, very good cut, SI2. 


The 1.5 carat diamond would be slightly more expensive but still in our price range.  There's no way we can afford a 1.5 carat in Si2 clarity. 


The reason my colour is "HIJ" is because I currently have an appointment with my jeweller to look at several loose diamonds of these varying specs - I have seen a few J coloured diamonds and have really liked the colour so that is not an issue for me. 


I really just want to know your opinions - is it worth jumping up to 1.5 carats (which to me is the perfect size - big but not tacky) or stay with the 1 carat and not risk having inclusions that I would focus on and would taint my view of the diamond. Also, I have seen a few SI2's that still have visible inclusions - are they really all that much better than I1s?


I never really knew that diamonds came in such varying quality before I started researching.... I am starting to feel like too much knowledge is actually to my detriment!


Any and all comments welcome :)

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It really depends... on the individual stone(s) you are looking at, and on your individual taste for colour/inclusions vs. size.


There are plenty of eye-clean SI2, but there are equally plenty of non-clean ones; with I1 the norm is visible inclusion(s), but you can find eye-clean ones. The "problem" is that the prices vary accordingly: a clean stone will go for more (some times significantly more) than one with visible inclusions. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling on paper whether a stone is going to look "clean" or not.


The other point to consider is the "very good" cut. Some are indeed "very good", but others are not good at all, IMHO. Again, the only way of knowing what looks "very good enough" to you is to see it; we can offer an opinion on what the report looks like, and figure out if (for example) the only "apparent" reason for not getting a higher cut grade is an overly thick girdle, but we can't know whether you'd like that particular diamond (given all the trade-offs with size and clarity that seem to be necessary given your budget).

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