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Thoughts On This Ja Diamond?


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Basic Summary - 1.21 Carat H-VVS1 Excellent Cut


So this ring has a clarity of VVS1, but when looking at the zoomed in photo on the JA website there appears to be a significant inclusion on the table.  I chatted with a James Allen rep, and they said it was a feather that would definitely not be visible to the naked eye.  I have attached the zoomed in photo.


Also, I input the specs into an HCA calculator and got a 1.9.


Thoughts on the price/quality? Thanks in advance.




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I'm not buying it. That is, the explanation of JA's rep. If you go to the GIA site and download a high-res copy of the report (go to http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?reportno=2176361402&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&pagename=GIA%2FDispatcher&c=Page&cid=1355954554547 then click on "Download PDF"), you can see that there is indeed a feather on the crown side, but it is very near the girdle and much, much smaller than what is visible in the images on the website.


So, what is going on? Some possible explanations:


1. The photo and video are not of the diamond described by the GIA report. Mix-ups happen.


2. There is something (a smudge of oil, a speck of dust) ON the diamond that by chance looks like a feather on the table. God knows, diamonds are dust and fat traps, and photo/video can be difficult to interpret even when of good quality.


3. The diamond got damaged between GIA grading and photo/video taking, and there is a scratch IN the table. Accidents happen. However, some accidents have more relevance than others, and with that scratch the diamond is no longer a VVS1 (and it may no longer qualify for "Excellent" polish, and perhaps even no longer for "Excellent" cut). If this were true, it's not necessarily the end of the world - the scratch can be polished off, and the diamond re-graded, possibly without anything changing on the GIA report since it might not even lose 1 point of weight.


If hypothesis 1. is wrong, BTW, there is something that could be the feather in the GIA report visible (faintly) at 1 o'clock in the still picture. It is much fainter and smaller than the one on the table, as I would expect from a VVS1-graded inclusion. I think I can pick it up in the video too, in the same relative position, but I'm not sure of that.


The JA rep may well be right that the "thing" visible in the photo/video will not be visible to the naked eye, but since s/he does not have the diamond available for inspection (at least until you ask JA to call it in), s/he cannot tell you which of the 3 hypotheses above is true. What I am quite certain of, is that his/her interpretation of the images is wrong; that "thing" is not the feather in the report.


Let's ignore the whatever-it-is on (in?) the table for a moment, and let's look at the rest of the diamond: it has a flat crown and a large table; it also happens to be on sale with at least another vendor for about $500 less (though the other vendor doesn't go to the trouble of taking decent photo or video), and it is priced right at the bottom of another 80 or so diamonds with similar grading: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds/?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=1.20&fCaratHi=1.25&fColorLo=H&fColorHi=H&fClarityLo=VVS1&fClarityHi=VVS1&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=0.0&fDepthHi=100.0&fTableLo=0.0&fTableHi=100.0&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=none&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=999900&fLabGIA=1&adv=1


Regardless of the issue that prompted you to post here, it's not a stone I would like because of the way it is cut; I like tall crowns and smaller tables - but that's a personal preference, and it's neither right nor wrong. However, put together with the uncertainty of what is really going on, I'd recommend you skip this one and choose something else.


One question, if I may. Why are you going for a relatively unusual combination of H and a very high clarity?

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Thanks so much for the detailed response!  Incredibly helpful.


To answer your question - I am not actively looking for a H VVS1 diamond.  I am more looking for a G/H eye clean diamond.  I would prefer a G color with a lower clarity.  I have a budget of about $10,000 and this diamond seemed to be an outlier, so I just wanted to get some quick advice.


I have been looking at James Allen for now as they have a fairly decent selection of 14K rose gold settings.


Thanks again!

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