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What Could This Line Be Across The Diamond? Online Purchase Help Please!


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking at buying a pair of vintage diamond ear studs online. The two stones are .75ct each and the seller says they are I color and VS clarity. In a couple of the pictures I can make out a curved line running horizontally across one of the stones...any ideas what this might be? Should I run very fast in the other direction? I'm attaching a picture so you can see what I mean, I hope.


Thank you!


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The line could be just an alignment of facets, it could be a chip or a scratch, or it could be a fracture (feather). In the first case, as long as you like the effect, you are fine; in the other cases, other than calling into question the vendor's description of the diamond as "VS clarity", you may need to run... but from the image it's not clear that you should.


Can you get a photo where the diamond is photographed head-on, and in a more diffused light environment?


A photo like this one would be more helpful...




You can easily see what is going on inside the diamond - even though it's a far less sexy image!

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Hi Davide and Neil and thanks very much for your replies. No, it's not backed up by anything...they accept returns but with a restocking fee. I've asked them for the diamond dimensions in mm and they  said approx. 1/4"! Hmmmmm. I've bought from them before, actually, when I visited their shop in person some years ago - back then I had the ring looked at by a local appraiser. The stones didn't QUITE match their grading. I'm going to ask them about the curved line and see what they say, then think about getting the same appraiser to look at the earrings if I'm still interested. :)

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Hi again - they got back to me and said that the line "must just be in the picture", and that they can't see it in real life...but I can make it out in more than one of their pictures. I also asked for the spread of the stone in mm, and they said it's "approximately 5.4mm", which is on the smaller side for the carat weight, and is smaller than a pair I already have. So all in all, I think I'm going to pass on these ones. If they're still in stock when I visit the city they're in early next year, I might change my mind! Thanks for all your comments.

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