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Pink Color Changing Diamond!


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 Hello! I'm new here. I recently purchased a dirty Diamond ring and later when cleaning it up a little with toothpaste discovered it is pink! As I looked at it from time to time and other people looking at it I realized it was changing colors. In low regular light it is pink! when light is brighter it goes to champagne or copper like. If you put it in the window seal with the sunlight and heat it will turn more orange. One time I put it in the freezer and it changed to canary yellow! This is a real Diamond! Has anyone ever seen or heard anything about a pink Diamond acting like this? I've done some research, but only found that mostly some of the olive Diamonds change colors. This Diamond is about a third ct. maybe less. Not a big rock, it just changes color. If I could get some feedback from someone that could shed some light on what I have or value, I would appreciate it. Thank you!    

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Sounds like one of the pinks from Rio Tinto's Argyle mine in Australia, of course.  Either that, ( B) magic, or © psilocybin.  The best, in fact only, way to buy such a ring is as you have done, i.e., dirty.


But assuming your stone's authentic, the place to learn more is 590 Fifth Avenue NYC, 15th floor. Diamond Envy.  I understand they might not have modern electronics there ... something about diamond bending the light?

Thank you very much! I'm trying to get a handle on what I have here!

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