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Too Good To Be True? This Diamond Looks Fantastic


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Gia Cert 2161223067 


The depth is a little higher than I wanted but the table is in the "zone", however if you look at the inclusions there are almost none from the very outside of the diamond in.  I think this is a steal for the price (little over 6100).


Any reason I should not buy this ? (I've already had it placed on hold)


Thanks in advance!!!

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Any reason NOT to buy? Perhaps none, but the following are things to consider:


1) It faces up relatively small

2) The price is unexceptional - it's fine, but it's not a bargain

3) You can find what I think are better cut (and very likely eye-clean) diamonds for relatively little more (10%)

4) The fact that the plot shows not much "stuff" is not a sign that the inclusions themselves are difficult to see. You have no information on colour and extent of reflection of the inclusions.


On the other hand, the price is still well within reasonable bounds and I agree that there is a good chance that it is eye-clean. I also like the high crown and relatively small table, but this is entering the realm of personal (and relatively "unorthodox") preferences.

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