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Look For A Diamond For An Engagement


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So I've read many sites with conflicting reports on various preferences for cushion cut and princess cut diamonds. My girlfriend wants one of those two cuts so I am looking to spend up to 2500 for a diamond. I am leaning towards my local jeweler as my friend's uncle owns it. I went in today and looked around and he showed me some loose diamonds. He is willing to discount things for me to a degree. The diamond I was looking at while searching their online diamond finder was this http://apps.gemfind.net/dealerid_display/DiamondLinkDetail.aspx?DealerLink=2845&DID=72880263 What do you think of this?

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It's going to be colourless and you won't be able to see any inclusions (possibly not even with a loupe, once set). The price is reasonably competitive, even though that EXACT same stone is available through other dealers for about 10% less: http://www.diamondideals.com/search/Detail.cfm?adv=diamondreview&&Lot_Number=G304335-CU. Bear in mind that a high-street retail store has higher costs than an online operation, but it may be worth using this information as a bargaining chip.


Will it look nice? Who knows; there is nothing "predictive" in the information available, and cushions are incredibly varied in cut pattern and quality. In addition, particularly in a relatively small size, I think F/VVS2 is overkill, and you would be better off spending money on cut quality and possibly a slightly larger stone than keeping these very high (and expensive) specs on colour and clarity.


Would your girlfriend rather have a princess cut? Who knows again.


I think you should start by deciding - ideally with your girlfriend - what shape you want, and then go from there. Ask your jeweller to show you what different colours and clarity grades look like, then make a search for specific stones. Trying to go from zero to "this diamond!" in one step is too much.

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Thank you for the reply. My guess is I could get it down closer to 2000-2100 from the owner once everything is said and done. The cut was kind of left up to me to decide with once she gave me the two options. Now once I find a diamond I will just make a meeting with the owner and my girlfriend and tell him a top price for a band and he will help her choose. Hopefully that makes some sense.

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