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Seeking Help On Purchasing An Engagement Ring.


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The loose stone is .55ct. The ring has a 1.5ct diamond (and belongs to a family member, it's just there for contrast). The cost of the loose stone is 2500. My question is-- regarding paperwork, what should I ask for before I make the purchase? And, of course, based on looks, what do we think about the price?


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!



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Who knows? You have provided no information beyond the weight of the diamond, and one out-of-focus photo taken in an unknown environment.


Regarding paperwork, two essential things:


1) A detailed invoice describing the diamond (at least in terms of colour, clarity, cut quality as well as weight) and setting out your right to return it without penalty for at least 2 weeks after purchase for any reason whatsoever.


2) An independent assessment of the diamond provided by a reliable lab (which means effectively GIA or AGS, possibly HRD) that confirms as a minimum the colour and clarity and ideally provides some reassurance on the cut (AGS will do this well, GIA less so, and HRD least of all).


Why are those (colour, clarity and cut) important? Because... there are about 30,000 diamonds 0.50-0.55 ct graded by GIA or AGS and advertised on the Diamond Finderon this site; their prices - which you can assume are at least competitive, if not outright bargains - vary between $303 for an S/SI2/Fair cut and $5,617 for a D/IF/Excellent cut. Where does "your" diamond sit?

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