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Halo Ring


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Hi everyone,

Having finally popped the question, we've now looked at rings together extensively!


I'm nearing a decision on which one to go for and would love to hear advice from people with more experience of diamonds and rings. I have a few questions:

- I have seen a very nice halo ring with a 1.4ct diamond in the middle and diamond shoulders. The style is perfect but I'm only looking for a 0.9ct centre diamond - the jeweller can make this for me but I am a bit concerned that the ring will not have the same style and/or impact with a smaller stone in the middle. Of course the ring will look different but as long as it retains the same style, I'm happy - is style retained regardless of the size of the centre stone in your experience? The measurements of the 1.4ct are 7.12 - 7.15 x 4.47 mm and the 0.9ct are 6.16 - 6.19 - 3.86mm.
- The 0.9ct stone the jeweller has recommended is priced at £4.5k retail (incl VAT) on BlueNile (it's GIA F/VS1/XXX). The price quoted for the ring is £8.1k. Do you think there's much room to negotiate on price? The jeweller is a high end one on Bond Street London.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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Is style retained? It depends on a lot of things - the actual design to begin with, and the extent to which the ring is redesigned/re-proportioned for a different centre size vs. simply the metalwork being adjusted to fit. This in turn depends on how the ring is made (or going to be made) in the first place; the only ones who know the answer are the jeweller who you are talking with.


Price for the centre stone is reasonable; price for the setting (at £3.6k by implication) seems high, if I understand correctly what the design you want is (i.e. centre stone + a pavé shank), as in this:



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