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Diamond Inflation


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I have a diamond purchased 35 years ago by my grandfather. I was having the diamond set in a new ring and was just informed that they chipped the diamond and will replace it at it's current value. I haven't had it recently appraised. The latest appraisal was $3800 USD in 1980 for 3/4 carrat diamond. Any ideas of the value of that diamond now?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Get it appraised, by an independent.  A competent appraiser an do a good estimate of the grading pre-damage based on an inspection of the damaged stone and, from that, can estimate the cost to replace it.   Given their offer to replace that damaged stone with another of comparable quality, the 'value' isn't so much the issue as the grade.


Kudos to the jeweler for stepping up and agreeing to replace by the way.  Not all will do this.

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