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Engagement Ring Budget $6000


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Hi everyone,


I've been lurking on this site for a while, but now feel completely lost in the diamond-jungle.


I'm looking for a round diamond in the $4-6000 range and really hope someone might be able to help me out.


My girl worked in a jewellery store for 6 years and I remember she told me she had only seen a "river" diamond once or twice whilst working there, so I'm hoping to find something along these lines:








I am however, open to suggestions and appreciate all feedback!


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"River" is a fairly imprecise term, but since it originally referred to alluvial stones that were washed out of rivers in India, and these were (sometimes, but relatively often) totally colourless, I'd stick to a D colour stone. Not that you'll ever see colour in an E or an F once set, but if colour is your (her) hot button, then press it!


The three stones you picked are all fine; as far as proportions go, I'd rather have the 0.81 D, eve if it is the smallest - however do check with JA that the small crystal under the table isn't visible without a loup, and if it bothers you, that it isn't visible through the side either; this may be one of the rare VS2 that are not indisputably "eye clean".

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