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Oval Diamond Shopping


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So I have pretty much decided on an oval diamond. I was wanting something with a little uniqueness, and I like the oval look. I am probably going with an east-west setting, which I really like if it's on the right band. My question(s) - I know there's no cut grades for ovals...but is there any range of table and depth that I should look to be in? Are those numbers very important with ovals? I know it all comes down to the eye test, but wanted to know if there were some

Key things to look for in oval diamonds.


To give reference, I'm thinking around $2-3k on the stone. Less than one carat, most likely, and I tend to notice yellow in stones, so probably no less than I color.


Any comments/suggestions/help at all is very much appreciated. I'm new to ring shopping, but have gotten fairly familiar the past few weeks, so any input you have would be great. Thanks

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For $2940, you can have a very shallow oval --





or, for $2170, one of the phattest stones you ever saw.  Seriously, this stone's girdle is so chunky, it needs a Sir Mix-a-lot (Babys Got Back) tune all by itself --




If you're susceptible to yellowitis, you want to go with a shallower stone, or bump your color grade requirement up a level or 2.


Avoid a stone that looks like this --




-- unless your desire to be a Maverick includes raccoon / panda eyes.


FWiW, when I bought my first of 4 earring stones, a trillion, it was WAY outside the bounds of what was considered proper.  Very thin, very strong fluorescent.  It was also $2K less than the most expensive stone I bought, an Asscher ($1888 versus $3888).  But it's still my favorite stone.  Sparkle?  It's a diamond; of course it does. :)  It's paired on that side with a round, so the differing refractions and shape present some complexity.  (The other side has the Asscher and a Marquise.)




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I know there's no cut grades for ovals...but is there any range of table and depth that I should look to be in? Are those numbers very important with ovals?

No, and no. Not least because with a length/width ration different from one, the l/w ratio influences the % as well - and people have different preferences for skinny or pudgy stones.


The best piece of advice I can give you when shopping for a fancy cut is to choose the dealer first, and worry about the stone second. Choose the dealer so that:


1. You can work with them. We don't get along with everybody equally well, and people/companies differ in the way they deal with customers.


2. They can provide the info you need: photos, videos, live comparisons.


3. They have a decent no-penalty return period during which you can get the stone seen by the expert(s) of your choice and return it for 100% of your money back. This is valid whether the dealer is remote (internet/online shopping) or next door to you, BTW.

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