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Wtb: Treatment And Appraisal

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i have several diamonds with inclusions and would like a referral to a facility that treats and cuts diamonds (as well as precious gems, as i have rough rubies and emeralds).

If anyone could be so kind as to mention one that maybe mail-orders or is local to the Southern California area i would be grateful.

Im new to the forum, btw.



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Hi Chris,


Cutters, treaters and graders are 3 different services.  In fact the treaters are sub-specialists and the folks who do clarity enhancement aren't the same as the folks who do HPHT treatments so really it's more like 5 or 6 different services.  It gets further complicated by the fact that diamonds are a bit of a specialty in ALL of these areas so your ruby and emerald job is going to involve different contractors entirely.  With nearly all of these you're looking at suppliers outside of the US, much less outside of southern California.  All of that means that there is no simple solution and no one-stop shop that can help you out.  Sorry.  One last thing.  There are some legal wrinkles that have to do with rough diamonds and US customs.  If you don't already know what it is, talk to your supplier about 'the Kimberley process'.  It can get you into a fair amount of trouble to run afoul of these people and even though a one way trip to Guantanamo probably isn't in the cards, they can still cause you a fair amount of grief, not the least of which is impounding your diamonds.

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