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Estimated Value?


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Two additional comments/questions:


1) Value (or at least fair price) depends also on where you purchase. A local shop carries different costs (and one hopes value) than a no-frills internet vendor.


2) Why that stone? There's over 1000 "like it" advertised on the Diamond Finder - and that only captures one part of the market. How did you get from 1000s down to 1?



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Hello graalamat77 --


By now, you've looked at the prices from the diamond finder for similar stones.  Now try this --


Move the slider for "carat weight" to .90 - .99 carats.  As you'll see, the outside dimensions of the stone shrink by fractions of a millimeter.  In some cases, the lighter stone may actually seem larger than the 1+ carat stone in a top-down view, because of the way they're cut (i.e., wide versus deep).


However, you may also notice the range of diamond prices has dropped by about a third.  That's because there's a big jump in price-per-carat at the 1.00 mark.  In fact, a lot of stones at 1.00 or just over are badly cut in order to get to that weight, whereas the smaller stones couldn't practically be stretched by the diamond cutter.


This is something you may want to discuss with your intended before making a decision.  The price difference of a slightly smaller stone could pay for both wedding bands.  No one at the wedding party is going to be able to tell a difference between a .90 stone and a 1.01 stone.  However, you could get a superior cut of a smaller stone, and assuming the rock stays clean, people would notice increased fire and brilliance.


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All the comments above are very valid and you should avail yourself to the choices offered on the Diamond Finder.  In regards to the particular stone you posted, you really have not given us much to go on.  At first glance I would shy away from such a steep crown angle, 37.5°, as it will make the stone look dark in the center and smaller than what one would optimally like a 1 carats stone to look like.  That said, if the price is cheap enough as compared to the Diamond Finder lists and cut is not a top priority, then the stone could present an excellent value.


I hope this helps,

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