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Royal Star Diamonds, 85 Facet


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What is the opinion about the Royal Star, 85 facet diamonds?  They are EGL certified, excellent cut diamonds.  I typically hear to stay with a GIA stone or AGS stone, but the extra facets seem to make this a more brilliant stone.  What do you all think?  Good choice?  Stick with a GIA or AGS stone?


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Both topics (EGL reports and custom cuts) have been dealt with dozens of times, and the answers don't change. To summarise them:


1) An EGL report is a tool for sellers; a GIA/AGS report is a tool for buyers. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with EGL-graded stones, but you have far less reliable information on them, and thus end up having to trust the seller that the description is correct.


2) A custom cut looks different from a traditional cut and the look is a matter of personal preference. Whether that preference then stands up to a higher price and a much decreased choice of stones, is also a matter for a personal decision.


The idea that more facets make a diamond more brilliant, however, is demonstrably wrong. Diamonds sparkle because they reflect back light, and a modern well cut round reflects back over 80% or so of its surface - about as high as you want to go to retain some contrast and interest (a flat mirror is 100%, but most people find it less interesting). Whether a diamond reflects back light in many, many little splinters or whether it does so in broader chunks, the total amount of light doesn't change.


In addition, there is a price to pay with smaller facets: less fire (and less homogeneously distributed fire). Again, there is no "objectively ideal" amount of fire, but I for one prefer the balance in a traditional cut (I would even go further back, and prefer old cuts to new ones).


To really boil it down:


Good choice? No. Your choice.


Stick to GIA/AGS reports? Unless you really trust the seller, it's your best bet.

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Not much to add beyond the observation that GIA/AGS grading has nothing to do with the facet count.  They'll both grade any stone that someone pays them to grade.  The Royal Star people CHOSE what lab they wanted to use, and they chose it for a reason.  That reason may not have been for your best interest.

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