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Are Crystals On The Table A Problem. Need Help :)

Olivia Maxwell

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Hi all, so glad I found this site, I live in a remote area and can't do a lot of trips to visually inspect a diamond. So wanting to make sure when I do go into the city it is worth it.

I have the GIA report on an


Asscher Cut




Excellent Symmetry and Polish


But the GIA report has a small crystal on the table, which concerns me as many jewelers have warned me about inclusions on the table.


Also do I need to worry about the pinpoints and clouds not shown on the report.


Is this something I need to worry about. They are willing to send me a photo, but can't until it arrives in their office from Israel



Thanks so much, this site is great!!!





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From the GIA report, it looks like all the step facets are clean.  The issue you're going to have is whether those step facets are reflecting the crystal.  Since it's VS2, I would consider this unlikely (as seen by the naked eye); what might matter to you is if you loupe the stone, you'll see the reflections.


IOW, suddenly, instead of a single crystal, you might have "dozens" of reflected images of the crystal... at least as seen with magnification.


Skip the photo.  You really want to see the stone in person.  (My experience with waiting for static images is that they just delay your receipt by a week.)  However, if they can send you an animation, like James Allen, you may not have to physically handle the diamond.,, that would be enough to see how the crystal is reflected.

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With a VS2 it's unlikely to be an issue (just like "clouds and pinpoints not shown" are not going to be an issue either). I agree with John that photos aren't likely to help (particularly given the typical quality of jeweller-provided photos); I'm not sure a video helps all that much either, unless you are familiar with the way diamonds look like under different lighting and using different camera techniques.


Ask the vendor - it's not in their interest to get you to make the trip and NOT buy the diamond... since if you do that, you are quite likely to buy somewhere else (not only did they not have the diamond you expected, but they wasted a day of your time), rather than continue to work with them.

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Thanks so much for the help. Taking your advice I have spoken to the jeweler and now feel comfortable with their assessment and believe they will look after me. They assured me they will be honest with me once they get it into the store. Thanks so much for contributing to the page and helping a poor schmuck like myself.


Thanks again.

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Hi Olivia,


I think I see your stone here --




When Blue Nile says the cut is "very good", that's their own, unsubstantiated opinion, not GIA's. GIA only gives a cut opinion on rounds. (David always comments on this, as he would in this thread once he saw it was a BN stone. :) )


I'd suggest you also consider lower color grades, down to G for near-colorless.  Changing this criterion allows you to improve clarity one step (VS1) and/or get a larger stone in the same price range.  (Not that there's anything wrong with the selection you have made.)

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