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I am looking to purchase a 3 carat round stone. I fell in love with the following setting from blue nile




The problem is this only fits up to 2.45 carat. They are willing to customize the setting to fit my stone but it would not be valid for refund which is out of the question in my eyes when buying things sight unseen.


Can anyone help me find a high quality split shank setting or am I forced to have to get something custom done.


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Since we're lucky enough to own a 3+ ct solitaire, let me suggest that the stone by itself doesn't "need" additional sparkle.  If you wear a stone that size in a car on a sunny day, the sun reflections off the car's headliner are like being at a discotheque.


My wife's platinum wedding band has 39 channel-set stones all around it.  When the two rings, solitaire and wedding band, are worn together, the effect is similar to the split-shank setting you are trying to achieve.  But unlike your present plan, the wedding band can be worn every single day, with the "rock" brought out for special occasions.  (And trust me, there will be a number of days you just don't want to wear such a humongous piece of jewelry.)


That being said, this is a fantastic setting, and "starting at $4K" is a fair price if you decide to go that way.  (However, they'd probably have to increase the ring height so it doesn't dig into your skin with a larger stone.)

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I don't know a single vendor who will take a refund on a mounting that's been 'used' unless it's part of a bundled deal with buying the diamond.  Most won't even do that.  That is to say, if you don't buy the diamond from the same place, forget it, and probably even then as far as the mounting component goes.  At the same time, although you can possibly find something similar elsewhere, if you want that exact ring you're going to have to buy it from BN.  They own the manufacturer and even a custom piece is going to be a bit different (and custom isn't going to be available for return either by the way)


High quality split shank covers a lot of ground.  Check out www.stuller.com or www.overnightmountings.com and see if you find anything that appeals to you.  Nearly every jeweler in the country that suits your fancy can get things from either one.  If you pick a mounting from Stuller and give the model number to your diamond dealer, it's almost certain that they can work out the details.  Returns prior to sizing and setting the center stone should be no problem.

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Depending on what your concern is, it may be resolved by "purchasing" the setting in its standard format and returning it to Blue Nile - either for customisation if it fits the rest of the requirements, or to get your money back if it doesn't. Same for the loose stone.


This only leaves you exposed to issues with the adaptation and setting - which as Neil points out you'd be pretty much exposed to no matter what solution you found: people aren't going to take a custom commission without you putting down a sizeable, non refundable deposit, no matter whether the work is adapting an existing setting or making one from scratch.

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Another consideration?  a well-proportioned 2.5 ct round is ~8.8 mm; a 3.0 ct round is 9.4 mm.  That's only on the order of 7-8% increase in length and width, viewed from the top.


However, there's a third dimension, depth, which will push your stone higher (or need modification to the base to prevent that).

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