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OOT, but functionality related:


The "cut grade" selector slide cuts out "ideal" from "excellent", so the only way of having "AGS ideal" included as a cut grade is not to filter (i.e. going from "excellent" to "poor").

Yes, as intended, for better or for worse. Since the GIA cut grade system does not include an "ideal" grade, we decided it would not be fair to include it in the filter selection, because it would unfairly filter out "excellent" GIA stones (which could be rated "ideal" under AGS).


We do allow the cut grade to be listed as "ideal" (on AGS stones only), so if someone wants to view them, they would leave the Cut grade filter alone, check the AGS filter, and then sort by Cut grade (which *does* support "ideal").


I know it's confusing but it's the best we could do given the lack of standardization between AGS and GIA for cut grades.

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To clarify - here is a pretty random search for AGS stones, that shows assorted grades, including some blanks, and "ideal" to "fair" grades.




If I then de-select "poor" and "fair", this of course gets rid of those. It also gets rid of the blanks - which may be fair enough, since they aren't "graded" G, VG, EX (or I) based on the data supplied. BUT it gets rid of the "Ideal" stones too, and that's not very fair either!!!



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Hmmm how about if we change the label on the filter from "exc" to "ideal/exc", and have that setting include both "ideal" and "excellent" stones.


Seems like a simple/obvious solution, and I'm wondering if we thought of that option before and discarded it for some reason? Any recollection?


As for blanks, keep same behavior.



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Actually, I assumed that that's the way the filter WAS working. I noticed by chance the other day that it wasn't...


I think the two main concerns people had around the issue of cut grades were:


1. Keeping a clear separation between "Ideal" and "Excellent"

2. Using lab-awarded grades rather than vendor-awarded grades


Neither of those two points is affected by the change; in fact right now "Ideal" is actively discriminated against, and this change would put things back on a fairer footing.

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