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What Specs Cushion Cut Diamond


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I am in the process of upgrading my Tiffany Novo ering. Currently, I have a 0.56ct, VVS2, F. I am looking for a 1ct-ish, G, VS2. I am very confused in regards to what the specs of cushion cut diamonds should be as I have read contradicting information in the internet. 


I was offered the following ring:

1.13ct, VS1, G, 

Table-% 62

Depth-% 72.2

Fluoresence: Non

Cut: Excellent

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Excellent


Firstly, I am concerned with a depth of 72.2 as I have read that the diamond will look small with a death of greater than 70. Furthermore, I would rather have more carat instead of a VS1. What do you think? What is the most important thing when choosing a cushion cut diamond?



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What is the most important thing when choosing a cushion cut diamond?

Seeing it.


There is no way to predict appearance of a cushion based on numbers - particularly the numbers that are listed on a lab report. Be wary of any "absolute rules" such as "no depth greater than 70%" - there are no absolutes here, and 72% may well be fine and in fact better than 68% depending on how the stone is cut.


On clarity: VS1 is buying insurance. VS2 is 99.9% fine, SI1 is "usually fine", SI2 you are taking chances. But again, the key to solve the clarity puzzle is in seeing the stone, which you need to do anyway.


Final point for now: bear in mind that while SI will cost less than VS, SI with invisible inclusions will get prices significantly closer to VS than SI with very visible inclusions...

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Thanks for your reply. Would you rather go down with color let's say to an H to increase clarity to a VS1 ? Or is G VS2 in general fine? It's very hard as they don't carry rings with these specs so they have to check the inventory and then order it in. Therefore, I can't compare the rings. 

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I would go for as low a clarity as I can tolerate; there is no point in my opinion in paying for things you cannot see. Colour is a matter of personal preference; "D" isn't necessarily better.


Also, I would not particularly want to see only finished rings, but loose stones first and then have a conversation on what style setting I want. But that's me...


Finally, if the vendor I am talking to cannot bring in 3-5 stones of adequate characteristics for me to compare (in person ideally, or remotely with photos, video and reflector images), I'd change vendor. There are those who can.

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I think in Tiffany's you can only see finished rings as far as I am concerned. I am currently on the waiting list for a 1.25ct G VS2 . They have very little rings in this ct, weight, color and clarity range. Is this usual, might can think that Tiffany is a big company ...


As it is an upgrade I can not change the vendor. 

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It is not unusual since they own all their stock and won't procure items from wholesalers who also supply other vendors. On the other hand, if you are upgrading using them, it's a reasonable bet that their diamonds are well cut, so it's one (big) less thing to worry about. As is clarity - I think they don't stock below VS2.


Still, at least on colour they should be more forthcoming...

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No they don't stock below VS2. So hopefully there VS2 is really naked-eye clean! 


As for the carat size; is a 1.15-1.25 nice for a 4.5 sized finger. I know this is due to personal preferences but I think my budget won't allow for a bigger stone and I think color is more important especially with a cushion cut. 


Will update as soon as I have an offer with more details.. 

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Hi there .. 


Just got these specs of an upgrade what do you think? 1.25ct G VS1, 6.62x6.6x4.25 mm,


Cut: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Polish: Excellent

Depth: 64.4 %

Table: 63%

Crown hight: 14.1 %

Crown angle: 36.7

Pavilion depth: 47.1 %

Pavilion angle: 42.2

Girdle thickness: thin to thick

Girdle finish: faceted

Culet: non

Fluoro: Non

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It all hinges on whether you (she) like(s) it... there is no way of commenting on a fancy shape without seeing it (and sorry, but one low-res out-of-focus photo of a mounted stone on a hand is not "seeing"). The one thing that leaves me a bit puzzled is the pavilion angle of over 42° in a square stone, but it all depends on how it has been measured (there is no unique geometric meaning of "pavilion angle" in a non-round).

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