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Assistance With A Small Diamond Pendant


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We are at it again! My Lil Sis would like a round brilliant pendant but her funds are somewhat limited!


We would like to stay below $2,000 including the setting. Setting will be yellow gold.


We were wondering if you all could kindly assist us by giving us your opinion on what we can sacrifice in order to lower the price.


Here are some of our thoughts so far:


1. She'd like to stick to around 5 mm in measurement but happy to go a wee bit below 0.5 carats to save money


2. She's not colour sensitive but since it will be in yellow gold how low do you think we can push the colour grades? We both really like my "i" pendant and although it fights in a white gold halo we don't see too much colour (I do under warm yellow light bulbs, she can't tell at all!)


3. I would want her to get an eye clean stone but then if its a small pendant would an inclusion be easier or harder to see? 


4. We're sticking with triple excellent GIA for safety


Hoping you all can offer some suggestions, words or wisdom etc


Thank you for reading this!


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Stay below 0.50 and stick to H-VS2 with a very very nice cut; you'll be fine with $2000 unless you are aiming for a very elaborate setting. If you want to save money, push things to I-SI1 or even SI2, but it may take a little longer to find the right one.


Inclusions are harder to see in a pendant because you as the wearer can't quite see it as close as you can with a ring on the hand (unless you are a contortionist), and other people generally find that staring at a point in the female anatomy below the base of the neck is considered rather impolite. Even if one is just looking at the diamond.

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Most of our clients target excellent cut I/J SI1-SI2's for a solitaire pendant like this, especially in yellow gold.  Subtle hints of color are typically most noticeable from a slight angle or side view rather than face on, as a pendant is viewed when worn.  In a diamond this size most SI's will be eye-clean, so I personally think VS2 would be a bit of overkill if you are looking to maximize some other specification (size, color or value).

Are you considering a simple classic basket style setting, something like a bezel or a slightly more contemporary drop shape pendant?  Just curious.

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Thank you so much Davide and 10X!


10X: She likes a bit of bling (hehe champagne taste on a beery budget!) so she's thinking of buying one of those premade pendant settings and putting the stone in. We are trying to see how much a stone will cost (how much we can get away with saving) and then spending the spare money on a setting. 


Hehe I say "We" because we live in each others pockets!  :D

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Haha! Who doesn't like a bit of bling?


I generally like to focus on the setting cost and work backwards from there to see what is left for the diamond but I don't think that's much of an issue if you are going with a fairly simple solitaire setting.


If you are in the US, I think you could go up to or near 0.60ct I/J SI1-SI2 and be right at your noted budget.  I look forward to seeing what you collectively decide on.  :)


As a side note, the dogs in your avatar are adorable.

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Just to clarify, I would just scope a setting I like so I had a general idea of it's cost.  If I didn't plan to get the diamond and the setting from the same vendor (which is typically easiest) at the same time then I would ultimately purchase the diamond before the actual setting so the setting can be made for the diamond I select rather than being limited to what will precisely fit in a pre-purchased setting. 


Because the setting defines the overall look, which is unique to each person, I think it is important to prioritize that in the budget because a bigger diamond might not be favorable if you are then limited to settings that fit your budget but not your taste.

Again, this might not be as big an issue if you are going with a very simple classic solitaire pendant setting and basic light weight chain. 

Have fun looking and trying things on!

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