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Opinions On 1.91 Ct Cushion Brilliant


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Hi Everyone,
Been on the diamond hunt for a little while now. My girlfriend originally wanted a radiant stone, but now after seeing this cushion, is interested in cushions as well (potentially this one). I originally want a 2+ ct stone (was hoping for mid twos), but like how this stone faces up large. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the below stone. Thanks in advance!

Cut: Cushion Brilliant
Color: F
Clarity SI1 (eye clean)
Size: 1.9
Dimensions:7.96 - 7.25 x 4.52
Depth 62%
Table 61 %
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Very Good



Here is a copy of the GIA report. 


Here is also a super short video I took.. probably not the best, but hopefully adds some context .

Thanks so much again!
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Hum. Bear in mind that you have seen the diamond, we haven't - all we have are the photos and the video (BTW all of good quality; thank you for taking them!).


Looking at those, I don't like the looks of the stone: it may be "eye clean" in the sense of not having any highly contrasting inclusions that stand out, but it seems quite foggy/fuzzy/cloudy in all images except one:




If in reality it looked more like "this one" than in the other images, then... as I said, you have seen it, I haven't, so I'll shut up.


Other than this concern - which may be in the images, and not in reality, it looks fine to me: nice proportions, no obvious dark areas and good contrast.

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Thanks so much for the reply!  Totally understand what you are saying.  I don't recall the stone being "foggy", but I should definitely take a closer look to be sure.  I'm just guessing that stone got a little dirty as the photo you called out was the first picture I took and as you can see, the settings changed thereafter :-).  What would potentially cause this fogginess?  


Also, what are your thoughts on cushion brilliants?  Should I be excited that I found one as they seem fairly rare, or are modified cushion brilliants just as good depending on the stone?  One thing to keep in mind is that my girlfriend like stones around the 1.1-1.2 ratio (this one is pretty much 1.1).  This is listed at 17.5K... my budget is about 20 or so.  Do you think I should be on the lookout for a stone with better light performance? 


Here is another videos I took in different lighting: 


Thanks again!!!

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If the setting was changed halfway through, probably fingerprints... :) Diamonds are grease magnets, and if touched on the pavilion they will usually "go foggy" like that one. When you go back for a check, make sure the stone is kept scrupulously clean!


"Modified" vs. non-modified: it all depends on the stone. There are bad and good ones of both - the "definition" difference is that in a modified cushion (not all) the pavilion main facets reach the girdle. If you want a really "chunky" look, with big broad flashes, a non-modified cushion is probably better, but then again this particular stone is not of the "chunky" type.

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Thanks so much again! Do you think it is worth looking out for something better. The pros of this one is that the color is great and has a great spread for it's size. It sounds like no one is especially impressed with the cut and the fact that it is a cushion brilliant isn't that special. Then again, maybe the pictures aren't doing it justice :-).



They are going to a big diamond trade show this weekend...anything is particular that I should ask them to look out for? Do you think the chances are low of finding a well cut larger stone in the 20k range that spreads like a larger 2ct stone? Thanks again for the help!!

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It's not lack of enthusiasm; it's lack of data. No-one on the forum has much evidence to tell you anything about the cut... beyond what I commented on (with possible differences of opinion). Presumably you have seen other stones - if this one "speaks" to you, then go for it, provided the lack of life was due to dirt/grease.


In terms of "what to look out for", your next question (in the previous post) is all you need to ask; the issue is that no-one has scientific, objective criteria to assess "well cut" on a cushion. Subjectively, you may like something that I find rather mediocre, and vice versa. Neither of us is right (or wrong).


Also - be careful with spread: it's a good thing - in moderation. A too shallow stone risks not being fiery, having big dark splotches or even windows. While I would never advocate "buying by numbers", particularly with a cut as variable as a cushion, I'd advise caution on anything that - by the numbers - looks "very unusual". It may work, it may not: norms exist for good reasons, and only some of those reasons are financial. This one does not look odd - on paper or as far as it can be seen in reality - even if it is spready.


ETA: what you are looking for is not rare - but it's not as common or as easy to shop on paper as a 1.50 G/VS1 round. In these circumstances, "the best is the enemy of the good", and if you have done your homework (looking at different stones and checking prices), then go with what you have found that you like most.

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They are going to a big diamond trade show this weekend...anything is particular that I should ask them to look out for? Do you think the chances are low of finding a well cut larger stone in the 20k range that spreads like a larger 2ct stone? Thanks again for the help!!


There are 5 separate diamond trade shows ln Las Vegas from today 5/26, through next weekend.  One of those -- the JCK is the biggest, at Mandalay Bay -- or the Jewelry & Watch show in London at Coventry House?


In LV you won't see many diamonds, if it's like a show I recently saw in Hong Kong.  Lots of melee, lots of man-made stones, lots of things which might be called jewelry (but not actual diamonds).  The profit potential is higher if you're selling not-diamonds.  There will be huge emphasis on creating & promoting "brands" you never heard of -- salesmen selling to themselves.


This is not a place where dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people meet over eye loupes and tea. Business cards and plastic trinkets, yes.  Paid spokesmodels. There's a good chance someone you ask a technical question of will know the answer less than you, and may not even know who in the booth to ask.  Typical Vegas, IOW.

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