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Gia Round 1.00Ct J/vvs1: 4 Extra Facets; Why?


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Now that I remember the stone was chipped around the girdle. I’m thinking now that the chips were removed using the “extra facet†technique. From my understanding extra facets do not affect clarity. True? In fact you can find a GIA/IF with extra facets; somewhat commonly. So I assume that the extra facets were utilized for clarity considerations in the cutting process, ultimately affecting the overall symmetry...leaving us with a very clean VVS1, EX, EX, VG.


Your thoughts? Davide (where are you)! B)

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Davide lives in Switzerland.  He's sleeping.  I'm sure he'll chime in after a while.


Correct, extra facets don't affect clarity and chips do.  I can't speak for your cutter but I'm pretty confident that your guess is correct.  He's right at the 1.00 weight point and to get everything out with only the standard facets probably would have pushed him under.  Obviously that's a far more serious concern for nearly everyone than the X/VG issue on symmetry.

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