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How Are Diamond Prices In General Compared To A Few Years Ago?


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Define "average"... it's a bit like asking "have car prices gone up in the last 5-10 years?". It depends on the type and category of car that you are looking at.


In general, prices for most sorts of diamonds have gone up "a little" in the last 5 years or so; they came down rather sharply in 2008-09, and they were growing "quite strongly" in the years immediately before 2008-09. How much they went up (or down) by is a completely different question, and you can come up with almost any "average" number you like depending on what you pick as your reference, which is why I am not giving you any numbers and am putting all qualitative descriptors in quotes.

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I find this chart from Pricescope offers a good, graphical insight on diamond prices over the past 7 years (based on size range).

Hopefully it is of some use to you in answering your question re: prices



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